Ruthe's Idols (Movie Stars)

Distributed by Agents and Movie Companies Just for Asking

Ruthe L. Warren's collection of photos of movie stars is displayed here in memory of her dreams.

Click on any photo to zoom in. Position magnifier-pointer and click again to enlarge more. Click on RETURN-PAGE to exit zoom.

These photographs are very large and may take a long time to load, even on a high speed internet connection.

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The Marx Brothers

Judy Garland

James Stewart

James Cagney

Vincent Price

Mickey Rooney

Joan Crawford

Greta Garbo

Boris Karloff

Maureen O'Sullivan

John Mack Brown

William Powell

Johnny Weissmuller

Robert Montgomery

Marie Wilson

Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy

Mortimer Snerd

Pat O'Brien

Edgar Robinson

Myrna Loy

W. C. Fields

Eleanor Powell

Virginia Gray

Ruth Hussey

Joan Bondell

Carole Landis

Danielle Darrieux

Jackie Cooper

Jeanette MacDonald

Robert Young

Gloria Dickerson

James Stephenson

Richard Purcell

Nan Grey

Andy Devine

Constance Moore

Alice Faye


Bobby Breen

Simone Simon

Tyrone Power

Warner Baxter

June Lang

Joy Hodges

Nelson Eddy

Ian Hunter

Sonja Henie

Claude Raines

Frank Morgan

Margaret Lindsay

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